Housed Member Co-ops

Birmingham Student Housing Co-Operative

Birmingham Student Housing Co-op provides low-cost, high-quality democratically managed housing. They turn 10 years old in 2024!

Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative

The UK’s largest student-run housing co-op! They provide their 106 members with affordable housing. They turn 10 years old in 2024!

SEASALT Housing Co-operative

South EAst Students Living Autonomously Together, Based in Brighton SEASALT is university housing reimagined, run for students, by students.

Sheffield Student Housing Co-operative

Housing owned and run by students, for students.

Unhoused Member Co-ops

Glasgow Student Housing Co-operative

A group of university students setting up the first student housing co-op in Glasgow

Manchester Student Co-operative

MaSH aims to provide affordable and sustainable student housing, owned by students and built for Manchester.

Cork Student Housing Co-operative

A group of students & alumni from Cork City third-level institutions that are establishing a Student Housing Co-operative.

Belfast Student Housing Co-operative

Building a student accommodation alternative that’s affordable, fair, and sustainable, with Belfast’s first Student Housing Co-op..

Bristol Student Housing Co-operative

A housing co-operative with the aim of providing affordable, democratic housing for students in Bristol.

Inter Campus Collective (ICC) Notts

Initiative for an Independent Student Housing Co-operative run by and for students.

The map here shows Student Co-op Homes student housing co-op members in the UK, and our partners.

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