Student Co‑op Homes is the UK federation of student housing co‑ops

We raised over £300,000 through our first community share offer, allowing us to start buying properties and help create a thriving student housing co-op movement. A huge THANK YOU to over 160 supporters who invested in us! Supporting Student Co-op Homes helps us to:

  • Take more houses out of the speculative private market
  • Scale-up ethical and permanently affordable student-led housing
  • Skill-up and empower young people
  • Embed the next generations in co-operative culture
  • Build a strong and sustainable co-operative economy

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Housing co-ops: an innovative model that puts students in control

The student housing market is failing at providing decent and affordable homes. Rents are rising and students’ wellbeing suffers as conditions decline. Students are taking control and starting housing co-ops to:

  • Improve their well-being, rents and living conditions
  • Live in affordable homes that they manage and control
  • Gain a wide range valuable life skills and experience
  • Learn about co-operative values, culture and practices

With several student housing co-ops already successfully operating in the UK we know it’s a model that works!

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