We are excited to announce the latest co-op to join the fam is Mash (Manchester Student Housing Co-operative).

Manchester is an obvious choice for a student housing co-op as a large student city, home of co-ops and the student rent strike movement. Mash are a well established and strong group, and we look forward to working with them.

SCH meets Mash

AGM 2022

For the SCH AGM 2022, we were thrilled to be joined by

Jens-Uwe Köhler from @studenten_dorf in Berlin and JulieLaPalme @CoopHousingIntl

Studentdorf in Berlin celebrated its 60th year in 2019. It was fascinating to hear about their history, compare notes and ponder questions that affect all co-ops around participation and member engagement.

Renovation works are due to be completed in 2023/24/ This will transform the co-operative village to house about 900 students from all over the world. 

We finished the AGM with a presentation from Julie LaPalme, at Co-op Housing International alliance, uniting housing co-ops and leading the international movement. SCH are proud to be one of its members. Julie LaPalme really brought to life the benefits of working collaboratively with our members to amplify the benefits of student co-op housing and make our voices louder. Thank you both for attending!

See Co-operative Housing International’s (CHI) presentation below to find out about exciting student co-op events in Europe & their vision of a European student housing co-op movement.

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